In this report, we show everything you need to know about your competition.

Understand where you stand, measure your engagement rate, see how engaged your audience is, how many posts your competition published, and how many fans or followers they gained during a specific time range.

You can create social media benchmarks for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Here are six actionable ways to use this report ⇣

1. See your competitors’ total engagement and their engagement rate per post

Once you’ve added pages or profiles into the Socialinsider dashboard, you can create benchmarks for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Select the platform you’d like to create a benchmark, then go to the Cross-Platform section, and you get a handy table with:

  • engagement metrics
  • followers
  • total posts
  • engagement rate per post
  • and some affinities of each channel (e.g. average hashtags per post for Instagram)


Delve deeper into their engagement metrics by looking at top profiles ranked by engagement or at the top profiles ranked by followers count. Just click on the metric that you want to sort by.


2. Get top posts from the competition

Track your competition content.

Get a detailed analysis of their content performance, and see who has a winning strategy and who’s falling behind.


3. See how many posts your competitors publish on average

Benchmark your organic performance metrics against industry or competitors. Know exactly where you stand in the big picture.

Get from your competitors:

  • Average posts per day
  • Average engagement rate per day
  • How engaged is the audience
  • Total posts


4. See how your competitor is gaining more fans or followers

Report in seconds how your content impacts the audience on social media and see where you stand against the competition.


5. Track and measure your influencers

Analyze the social performance of your entire influencer network on each channel.

Create benchmarks based on industries and track their engagement before working with them.

Get in-depth insights into their postings’ habits, average engagement per day, engagement rate per post, and get the top influencers ranked by engagement or followers.

6. Download the Benchmarks report

Share your performance with your clients.

Customize your reports with your logo and brand color and download these benchmark metrics as PDF, PPT, CSV, or XLS.


To add your Logo to to the reports, select Settings from the dropdown. Add your logo, then go back to the dashboard and download the report needed.


To set up the right color for your report, go to the Home menu and click the pencil icon 🖍️ next to the pages in the table. This will edit the highlight colors in all reports containing that page.

Keep learning

Need a primer on how to get started with the Benchmarks report? Don’t worry, we’ve got a full walkthrough for you.