Wondering how your brand performs on social media compared to similar brands? Or maybe you just want to see how your favorite brands compare to each other?

You can now do that, thanks to the Brands Benchmarks feature.

Here’s how to make the most of it.

Once you add the social profiles you want, you then have to group them into brands if you want to create the benchmarks comparison in the end.

Take a look at how we compare some of the best streaming platforms out there.

Step 1: Click on Benchmarks from the sidebar

Click on the Benchmarks section

Step 2: Go to the Brands section

Brands sections in Benchmarks

Step 3: Choose the Benchmarks Brands (from the right sidebar)

Choose the benchmarks brands

In this case, the brand A24 is unchecked because I didn't want to compare it to the other brands.

Step 4: Click on "Update"

Note! You can also enable platform breakdown by checking the little box there. This means that you can see the performance of the brands by platform. The charts show detailed insights into the content used by these brands according to the social platforms.

Enable platform breakdown in Brands Benchmarks

Wondering what that actually means? Well, here's an example.

If you want to enable platform breakdown, then the charts will look something like this:

Breakdown of fans for brands

If you think that that's too much information, then you should uncheck the box. The charts will look like this:

Brands ranked by the fan count

Let's turn to the real insights, shall we?

Highlights of this section

  • Fans - The total number of fans the brands have.
  • Fans evolution -
  • Engagement -
  • Posts -
  • Average engagement/ post -
  • Average engagement rate/ post -
  • Average engagement rate/ profile -