In this report, we show the total audience for your brand in social media, total posts, how many followers you gained in  your desired time range, the most engaging posts, and the total engagement.
Below are some actionable ways to use this report.

1. Easy identify your top channel

Track key engagement metrics for each social channel.

This is useful for understanding which social media performance works best for you and where you should invest your time and energy.

For example, if we analyze Socialinsider’s communities, we can see that based on engagement our top-performing channels are LinkedIn, Instagram, followed by Twitter.


2. Analyze your audience across channels

Get a quick overview of your total followers across channels.

If you need to report how many people you reach with your messages, this overview helps you understand where you gain the most followers and where you have the most fans.


3. Get a quick overview of your content distribution

Easy to understand where your content efforts are.

Get a quick snapshot of your content distribution and any changes compared with a previous period of time.

Let’s say you need to report to your clients the activity on social media, Brands does all the math for you and aggregates the content metrics in one single table.


4. Measure engagement across channel

Boost your brand performance by analyzing key engagement metrics across channels.

Understand which channel generates conversations, and what messages are working and what not.


5. Download the Brands report as PDFs

Share your performance with your clients.

Customize your reports with your logo and brand color and download these brands metrics as a PDF, PPT, or XLS.

To set up the right color for your report, select Settings from the dropdown. Add your logo and a primary brand color, then go back to the dashboard and download the report needed.


How to get started with the Brands feature

Once you authorize profiles and pages into the Socialinsider dashboard, you can group them into Brands.

Step 1: Select the project you’d like to create a brand.

➤  Step 2: Go to the Home menu

Step 3: Create a Brand name and  add all profiles you want



The Brand feature is attributed to one project. You can access that brand under the project to work on.

Keep learning

Need a primer on how to get started with the Brands report? Don’t worry, we’ve got a full walkthrough for you.

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