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Here’s how to add social profiles to your Socialinsider dashboard:

1. Go to the Home section (from the left sidebar)

2. Click on ‘Add social profiles’ ⇒ you will then be directed to a page from where you can start adding the profiles

3. In the search box, type the URL of the profile you want to add to the project and click on 'Search'

Alternatively, you can also type the brand/creator's name, and Socialinsider will give you the options found.

However, we recommend typing the URL since it’s more accurate.

4. Click on ‘Add profile’

5. Repeat: If you have multiple social profiles to add, repeat the process for each one

Alternatively, after adding the profile to the project, you can click on ‘Go to profile’ to check the data for that specific profile.

Once the profiles are added, they will appear on your Socialinsider dashboard. You can review and analyze their performance metrics, engagement, and other relevant data.

❗️Note: The profiles will be added to the project that’s currently selected. To add profiles to a different project, you have to select the desired project or create a new one.


Keep in mind that you can only analyze business pages. This means that you cannot add a Facebook personal profile, but you can add a Facebook page.

Moreover, the Instagram accounts that you want to add should be public business pages. You cannot add Instagram private accounts or even public accounts if they are not business accounts as well.

If the profile you’re looking for is not a business page, you will get a warning and won’t be able to add it to the project.

❗️Note: Socialinsider supports the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and X (former Twitter).

Tips & Tricks:

  • You can track the same profile across multiple projects, and it will count as one profile only.

  • Be aware of the number of swaps available for your plan/trial.

  • You can add more profiles at once (from the social platforms available) by typing the brand's name in the search box.

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