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How to create a new project

Discover how to create projects in Socialinsider

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Projects are meant to help you keep everything organized. You can create as many projects as you want, but you can’t add as many profiles as you want (depending on your plan, the number of profiles you can track is different).

Here's how to create new projects:

  1. Click on the dropdown under the Projects section

  2. In the box that says 'New project name', type the name of the project you want to create

  3. After you type the name of the project, click on the 'Create project' button

  4. You will be directed to the new project ⇒ this new project will be empty until you add profiles to it

❗️Note: Keep in mind that you will be adding profiles to the selected project (the project you selected in the beginning).

For each new project you create, you’ll have to add the profiles you want to analyze.

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