Wondering what your competitors are doing on Facebook? We can help you with that.

Here's the complete list of metrics you'll see once you start analyzing a competitors' Facebook Page with Socialinsider:

1. Key metrics:

  • posts
  • engagement
  • fans growth
  • average engagement
  • average engagement rate/ post
  • engagement rate/ profile

2. Posts insights:

  • posts evolution
  • average posts/ day
  • posting times
  • day with most posts
  • hour with most posts
  • top 3 posts
  • posts by type
  • distribution of post types

3. Estimated insights:

  • reach evolution
  • average reach per post
  • total posts reach
  • impressions evolution
  • average impressions per post
  • total posts impressions
  • engagement rate impressions
  • engagement rate impressions/ post

4. Fans insights:

  • fans growth
  • fans growth percent

5. Engagement insights:

  • best time to post by engagement
  • day with the highest engagement
  • hour with the highest engagement
  • engagement evolution
  • average engagement/ day
  • post types ranked by engagement
  • post types ranked by average engagement
  • engagement by post types
  • distribution of interactions
  • distribution of reactions
  • distribution of comments
  • distribution of shares

More than that, you can also see all the posts published by your competitor by looking at the Posts section from that Facebook Page.

In the Video section, you will have access to even more insights. Take a look at what metrics we provide for the video content.

Wondering what Facebook insights we provide for your own Facebook business page? Here's a guide that might help you.