For a certain period, here are the Facebook video metrics you'll see once you start analyzing a Facebook page with Socialinsider:

Video metrics - highlights of the page

  • Video posts - the number of video posts in a time range.
  • Live video posts - the number of live video posts in a time range.
  • Posts - the total number of posts. The Facebook posts formats included are: status, link, photos and videos.  
  • Video engagement - the total engagement of the video posts in a time which is computed as the sum of likes, comments, shares and reactions.
  • Live video engagement - the total engagement for live streaming in a time range.


Video engagement metrics

  • Videos by format - the most used video format
  • Video engagement by format - what format generates higher engagement
  • Videos by length - the most used video length
  • Video engagement by length - what video length leads to higher engagement
  • Live videos - how many live videos vs. native videos where published in a time range.
  • Live videos engagement - which type of videos generate better engagement: live streaming vs. native videos vs. uploaded videos.
  • Video source - the source of the videos - native, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Engagement by video source - Which source generates higher engagement
  • Video engagement evolution - the distribution of vide engagement variation per day, week or month.


Total video posts

  • Total posts - you'll get a list of video posts.


The posts can be sorted by:

  • best posts
  • weakest posts
  • newer
  • most shared
  • comments count
  • likes
  • reactions

Or you can filtered this list by:

  • type of video
  • length

This list can be exported as. a CSV file.


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