How to get social media content ideas with Socialinsider

As content marketing becomes more popular and adequately utilized, marketers will be producing more and more content.

A single good idea now and then is not enough; you need several, that's why we came up with this feature: the possibility to get content ideas.

Here's how to get social media content inspiration with Socialinsider 👇

  1. Click "Posts" in the sidebar

2. Select the platform you'd like to get ideas

3. Enter a keyword

A list of posts with that keyword will appear.

You can sort them by:

  • Best posts
  • Date
  • Number of comments
  • Number of likes

Or you can filter them by type of posts. In this case:

  • photo
  • video
  • carousel

You can download this whole list of posts as CSV or XLS.

Please note that you'll see the posts from the pages you already added. You can first add pages, then search for a keyword.

Now you can get inspired and improve your content strategy.

Here's a short video guide where you can see how to get social media content ideas with Socialinsider 📹

In this video you'll find out how you can get social media content ideas using Socialinsider!

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