If you are using Instagram Stories to promote your business, increase engagement or sales, analyzing their performance is a must.

Using Socialinsider Stories Analytics, you will know:

  • type of content (photos or videos) you should create for engaging Stories
  • completation rate for Stories
  • retention rate for Stories
  • peak days with Stories

In this step-by-step guide, we explain how to add a new Instagram profile, where you can see Stories in the dashboard, and what data you will get.

How to add a new Instagram profile

  1. Authorize your own account (business accounts).

Authorize your own account

  1. Allow Socialinsider to access profile and posts data from the Instagram business connected to your page and access your Page and App insights.

Allow Socialinsider to access profile and posts

  1. Add the Instagram profile you’d like to analyze data.

Add the profiles you'd like to analyze

  1. After selecting the Instagram profiles you’d like to monitor, add them to a new or existing project, then press ‘Add selected profiles’.

  2. Select ‘Stories’ from the menu bar and dive into in-depth data.

Instagram Stories metrics

Please note that you can access insights from the day you authorize your account with Socialinsider and access them for as long as you want.

List of Stories metrics you get by using Socialinsider

Here's the list of Stories metrics we get from the API and how we define them. It’s tough to understand how you’re doing if you’re not exactly sure what your metrics for success are, so we’ve got you covered with a handy glossary.

  • Total stories: How many stories the profile published in a specific period.
  • Days with stories: Number of days in which the profile published stories.
  • Stories per day: Average published stories per day.
  • Average peak reach: How many unique accounts you reach each day in average.
  • Average retention rate: It shows how engaged is your audience with stories. It represents the impressions of the last story divided by the impressions of the first story.
  • Peak reach rate: Highest reach you had in a day as percentage of followers count.
  • Publishing behavior: See how many stories were published in a period of time.
  • Replies: Understand how many people reply to your Stories.
  • Impressions: It shows you the distribution of impressions for a specific period.
  • Reach: It gives the number of unique accounts that saw a photo or video in your story.
  • Completion rate for multiple Stories in one day.
  • Tap-Forward Rate: The percentage of your impressions that have a tap forward to see the next photo or video.
  • Tap-Back Rate: The percentage of your impressions that have a tap backward to see the previous photo or video again.
  • Reply Rate: The percentage of your Story Viewers that replied to your Story on any given day.
  • Exit Rate: The percentage of your impressions that exit your Stories by swiping right, swiping down, or closing Stories


See what metrics you get by using the native app versus an analytics tool

If you feel overwhelmed and want to understand what Stories data Instagram provides, and what metrics you can measure by using an analytics tool, we've created a comparative list - Instagram insights and 3rd party apps.

Metrics from the native app vs. an analytics tool