To analyze an Instagram profile, it has to be set as Business instead of Personal.

Here is a guide on how to switch from Personal to Business: Set up a business account on Instagram. A part of this process is to connect one of your Facebook fan pages (you have to be an admin of it) with your Instagram profile.

Due to an issue in the Facebook API, you might not be able to get all the data you need.

Until Facebook will fix this bug in its own API, we found this workaround that should help:

1. Go to Facebook, open the settings of your fan page, that should be connected with your issued Instagram profile, click the selection of Instagram in the overview.

2. Scroll down to the end and click on Disconnect Instagram Account.

3. Start the Instagram App, select your profile and open its profile view (bio).

4. In this view you will find the Edit profile button, click on it. Please do not open the settings of the profile/app.

5. In section Business Information you should see the connected fan page

6. If the selected fan page is not correct, select the correct one and save your change.

7. If the already selected fan page is the correct one, select a different one, that is available on this list or create a new one, using the option of the Instagram app.

8. Repeat the numbers 1 & 2 of this workaround. Please note to do so for the Facebook fan page, that you’ve selected/created in step 7.

9. Repeat the steps 3 through 6, select the correct fan page in step 6 and save it.