How to add your own Instagram profile

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We explain how to add your own Instagram profiles - the pages you have admin rights on:

1. Authorize your own account (business accounts)

Authorize your own account

2. Add your own Instagram profiles

Select the profiles you want to add

3. Allow Socialinsider to access profile and posts from the Instagram business connected to your page and access your Page and App insights.

Allow Socialinsider to access profile and posts

4. Add the Instagram profile you’d like to analyze data

Add the profile you'd like to analyze data

5. After selecting the Instagram profiles you’d like to monitor, add them to a new or existing project, then press ‘Add selected profiles’.

Please note that you can access insights from the day you authorize your account with Socialinsider and access them as long you want.

Wondering what metrics we provide for own Instagram business profiles? Here's a guide that might help you.

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