For a certain period, here are the Instagram metrics you'll see once you start analyzing a competitors' Instagram profile with Socialinsider:

Instagram analytics for your competitors' business profiles

Highlights of the profile

  • Total posts - the number of posts in a period.
  • Engagement - this metric is represented by the sum of likes and comments.
  • Follower growth - have the fan number from the day someone first adds the page in Socialinsider and in this case we will return the fans count for the first date we have.
  • Average engagement/post - this metric is computed as sum of likes and comments divided by the total posts for a time range.
  • Average engagement rate/post - this metrics is the sum of likes and comments divided by the total posts for a time range. Multiply the whole by 100 to turn into a percentage.
  • Average engagement rate/page - the total engagement per 100 followers
  • Posts evolution - how many posts the profile published every day
  • Growth of followers - the net increase or decrease in the number of followers in each day.


Hashtags insights

  • Top hashtags - the most used hashtags
  • Top hashtags by avg. engagement - the most engaging hashtags
  • Average hashtags/post - average hashtags number used in the posts


Content distribution

  • Top 3 posts - the most engaging posts



  • Posts by type - what types of posts the profile published
  • Time to post - the hours when the profile posts
  • Engagement evolution - sum of likes and comments per day
  • Distribution of likes - number of likes per day
  • Distribution of comments - number of comments per day
  • Post types ranked by engagement - total engagement for each type of post
  • Post types ranked by avg. engagement - average engagement for each type of post

Wondering what data we provide for your own Instagram profile? Here's a short guide for you.