Wondering how to improve your social media performance? A competitive analysis against top competitors might help you.

Here are some of the benefits of performing a quarterly or yearly benchmarking:

  • Improve your content strategy.
  • Uncover your competitors' strategy on social media.
  • Get better at campaigns' planning.
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

Start a social media benchmark with Socialinsider!

Step 1. Click “Benchmarks” from the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the platform you'd like to create benchmarks for.

(I'll try for Instagram)


Highlights of the profile

  • The number of followers - the total number of followers of the profile.
  • Followers’ growth - have the fan number from the day someone first adds the page in Socialinsider and in this case we will return the fans count for the first date we have.
  • Engagement - this metric is represented by the sum of likes and comments.
  • Posts - the total number of post in a period.
  • Engagement/post - this metric is computed as sum of likes and comments divided by the total posts for a time range.
  • Engagement rate/post - this metrics is the sum of likes and comments divided by the total posts for a time range. Multiply the whole by 100 to turn into a percentage.
  • Engagement rate/page - the total engagement per 100 followers.
  • Reach - only available for the pages you are admin of (pages you manage).

Profile stats

  • Profiles ranked by follower count - which profiles perform better in terms of total fans.
  • Profiles ranked by the total engagement - which profiles performs better in terms of engagement.

Content distribution

  • Top 3 posts - the most engaging 3 posts for each profile ranked by engagement.


Posts metrics

  • Average posts/day in period - how many posts per day the profiles are posting.
  • Average engagement/day in period - how engaged is the audience on Instagram.
  • Average engagement rate/post in period - what’s the evolution of engagement.
  • Changes in followers - what's the evolution of followers over time.


You can download this view as PDF, PPT, or CSV report.


Here is a short video guide where you can see how to perform a social media benchmark with Socialinsider!

Wondering how to download a benchmark report? Here's a short guide for you.