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Here's the list of Twitter metrics you get using Socialinsider:

Twitter analytics - highlights of the profile

  • Total tweets - the number of tweets in a time range.
  • Engagement - this metric represents the sum of likes and replies.
  • Followers' growth - this metric is available since the day you've added the profile in Socialinsider. Twitter doesn't give us the followers' growth for past data.
  • Followers' count - how many followers the account has.
  • Average engagement - this metric is computed as the sum of likes and replies divided by the total tweets for a time range.
  • Average engagement rate/tweet - this metric is the sum of likes and replies divided by the total tweets for a time range. Multiply the whole thing by 100 to turn into a percentage.
  • Followers' growth over time - this chart represents the net change in followers - how many followers you gained compared with how many followers you lost.
  • Average engagement rate/profile - the total engagement per 100 followers (and it's not calibrated by the number of tweets).

Highlights of the profile

Content analysis on Twitter

  • Distribution of tweets - how many tweets the profile published in a time range.
  • Top 3 tweets - the most engaging tweets.
  • Top 3 mentions - the top 3 mentions ranked by the followers count.
  • Top mentioners - here you'll get a handy table with top 30 Twitter accounts which mentioned your profile ranked by the followers count, how many times they mentioned your account and what's the engagement of those mentions. This data can help you find people who share your content, and to determine if a particular person might be a valuable addition to your influencer program.

Your Twitter mentions

Twitter hashtags

  • Top hashtags - here you'll find top 10 hashtags the profile uses.
  • Top hashtags ranked by engagement - what hashtags the account uses on Twitter and which one brings higher engagement.

Twitter top hashtags

Engagement metrics

  • Distribution of engagement - the variation of the engagement per day, week, or month.
  • Avg. engagement per day, week, or month - on average, how many likes and retweets your tweets get.
  • Distribution of retweets - the variation of the retweets per day, week, or month.
  • Distribution of likes - the variation of the likes per day, week, or month.
  • Time to tweet - a time table when the account posts on Twitter.


Additionally, you can get a downloadable list of tweets and mentions.

Read more about our listening capabilities on Twitter.

This set of data is available both for the account you manage and your competitors' accounts.

Easily export these Twitter stats as PDF, PPT, or EXCEL and add your own logo before sending them to your team, manager, and stakeholders.

Wondering how to add a (new) Twitter account. Check out this step by step guide.

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