Discover what hashtags are the most engaging on Twitter and how to search for influencers, trending topics, and content with ease.

Before starting analyzing the performance of your hashtags, here's a step by step guide on how to add a Twitter hashtag in Socialinsider's dashboard.

How to add a Twitter hashtag:

  • Click on the Add Social Profile button
  • Select Twitter Hashtags from the list

Add your hashtags

  • Authorize the Socialinsider app to access your account data using the Twitter API.
  • Type your hashtag
  • Add it to a project - add it to an existent one or opt out to create a new project.
  • Choose the history posts data needed. You can select up to one year of data. Socialinsider gives you the data needed pretty fast, in 2-3 minutes, you will see all the insights for the time range you selected.

Here you can add your Twitter hashtags

What hashtags insights you get by using Socialinsider:

  • Total tweets - the total number of tweets with that hashtag for a time range.
  • Total engagement - the total engagement (which is computed as the sum of likes and retweets) for the total number of tweets.
  • Avg. engagement per tweet - on average, how many likes and retweets the tweets with that particular hashtag got.
  • Distribution of tweets - the variation of tweets with that hashtag
  • Avg. tweets per day - on average, how many tweets with that hashtag are.
  • Top 3 tweets - the most engaging tweets with that hashtag.
  • Top hashtags used with your hashtag ranked by engagement - find more engaging hashtags to use. Find what other hashtags are used with your hashtag. This insight helps you improve your hashtag strategy and further confirm the performance of hashtags you're already using.
  • Distribution of engagement - the variation of engagement for the searched hashtag.
  • Avg. engagement per day, week, or month - on average, what's the engagement per day, week, or month for the searched hashtag.
  • Distribution of retweets - this chart represents the variation of retweets.
  • Distribution of likes - this chart represents the variation of likes.

Hashtags insights you get using Socialinsider

Additionally, you'll get a list with the Twitter postings with that searched hashtag.

This data can help you measure the awareness of your hashtag campaign and who are the people who share your hashtag or discuss around a particular topic.

This list of posts can be sorted by:

  • most followed accounts
  • best posts
  • weakest posts
  • most retweeted
  • most liked.

Or it can be filtered by:

  • replies
  • non-replies

For a more in-depth analysis, you can tag posts with that hashtag and compare side by side multiple hashtags campaigns.

Read this product guide to find other creative ways to use the posts tagging feature.