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Data coverage in Socialinsider
Data coverage in Socialinsider
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You will see when the last data update was made for each profile in your project. Hover over the profiles (from the Home section) to see all the details.

Moreover, the details about the next scheduled data update are available (to know exactly when the data will be updated).

Hover over each profile from the Home section to see:

  • the date when the profile was added

  • the earliest available data

  • last data update

  • next scheduled data update

If profiles seem not to be updated, it’s because the profiles no longer exist or the data update was not possible. You will also see this information in the tooltip.

❗️Note: When it comes to followers/fans growth, you should keep in mind that, due to API limitations from all social platforms, we start gathering followers' insights from the day the profile is added to Socialinsider.

Because of these limitations, we cannot get the numbers for dates in the past.

The audience insights that are influenced by API limitations are mentioned and explained in the dashboard.

Why is this important?

We know how important it is to trust the data and not only the data but also the tool you’re using. Socialinsider is meant to make your job (and life) easier, so why would we complicate things?

In order to trust both Socialinsider and the numbers in the dashboard, we had to work it out. I bet all your profiles added to your Socialinsider projects are up to date and ready to turn that data into wonderful reports.

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