In this step-by-step guide, we will tell you how to access the boosted posts of your competitors' on Facebook.

  1. Select the Facebook page from the sidebar
  2. Click on "Paid Media" from the menu

Select the Facebook page

Socialinsider has a background daily process that detects if a post was boosted based on several indicators like:

  • the engagement of the post within the first 7 days
  • how much does the page post
  • the category of the page
  • the type of the post

The state of a post can be:

  • Boosted
  • Not boosted
  • Not yet classified

The state of a post can be one of: boosted, not boosted, not yet classified

At the beginning the post is not classified - this happens during the first 7 days when we do not have enough data about the engagement evolution to make the YES/NO decision.

So far, our detection rate of boosted posts with the current model is around 85-90%.

For history posts data we also detect boosted vs. non-boosted, but the reliability of the algorithm is around 80% because we have less data to train the model with.

The algorithm is up and running since December 2017, so pages added to Socialinsider before this date need to be required so that all of their posts are rescanned.

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