Track and benchmark Instagram competitors and their hashtags on Instagram, access their past campaigns and understand how their profiles grew over time.

  • When and what are they posting?
  • What hashtags are they using?
  • What content is generating excitement and what’s falling flat?

Instagram analytics for competitor's profiles

Folow these steps and add a competitor's Instagram profile:

Step 1: Click on the 'Add Social Profiles'/'Add Profiles' button


Step 2: Use the Search Bar to look for the Instagram profile that you want to analyze

You can add a Facebook page using the following options:

  • The username - for example: netflix


  • The URL:

3. Click on "Analyze Profile"


4. Click on "See your stats" to see all the insights


Keep in mind that you can only get stats for Instagram Business profiles.

If the profile you entered is not a business profile you will get a warning and won't be able to add it to monitoring.

Wondering what metrics we provide for competitor Instagram business profiles? Here's a guide that might help you.