The in-app date picker is here to make your life easier, but if you’re having a hard time dealing with it, this one’s for you 🕺🏼


Now, there are multiple points of interest:

  • First, make sure you select the time-frame correctly - you need to first click on the start date then click again on the end date of your interval of interest. If you're interested in just one day, you can double click it.
  • If you want a more rounded off interval, on the left side of the panel you can select the period you'd like. So easy!


  • In order to get a better understanding on how your page performed compared to the past, you can select the period of comparison.


  • As of now, you can also select the option "This year" to get data from the start of the current year to the present day.
  • If you'd like to see your data grouped in various ways, the option exists for your your convenience:


Don't forget to click Apply to save your preferences.

Enjoy your insights! 🧡