For those of you who just love IGTV and were long dreaming about having a more in-depth understanding of their performance, we have some good news.

With Instagram's API new release for IGTV metrics, you can now analyze the performance of your IGTV and see what’s the impact of this type of content for your business.

First things first -  for being able to gather the analytics for your IGTV’s, you must have your “Post a Preview” or “Share Preview to Feed" option turned on.

What data you’ll get from us:

For both your own, and your competitor’s profiles, you’ll have the overview of the total number of IGTV’s posted in a selected time frame, compared to your other types of content published.

Adding up, you can also take a look at the total engagement your IGTV’s have gathered (formed by cumulating the number of comments and likes you received) and compare them to all the other posts published to see which of them generate the best results. This is also a feature available for owned accounts, as well as for your competitors.

One more metric you can track about your IGTV is the average engagement. This particular metric shows you what’s the overall status of your profile and is particularly important when comparing yourself with the competition.

In order to be able to have the insights we talked about, follow these steps:

  • go to the “Profiles” section from your dashboard;
  • select the account you’re interested in seeing analytics from;
  • scroll down until you reach the “Post by type” visualisation, followed by “Post type ranked by engagement” and “Post type ranked by average engagement”.

Disclaimer: Now all your key insights numbers displayed include the IGTV data.

This screenshot shows IGTV metrics featured in the Socialinsider dashboard.

This screenshot shows the IGTV analytics provided by Socialinsider.

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