Oh, the creativity struggle! We've all been there.

Socialinsider is here to put an end to this.

Here's how to get social media content inspiration with Socialinsider 👇

  1. Click on "Posts Newsfeed"

Posts Newsfeed section in Socialinsider

2. Select the platform of your choice (Instagram in this case)

Select the platform

3. Enter a keyword

Enter the keyword of your choice

A list of posts with that keyword will appear.

All of these posts can be sorted by:

  • engagement
  • engagement rate
  • date
  • comments
  • likes

Or filtered by:

  • type of post
  • campaign

You can download the entire list of posts as PDF, PPT, or CSV.

Download the report

Keep in mind that you'll see the posts from the pages you have already added to your project. This means that you need to first add some pages/profiles, and then search for the keyword.

Now you can get inspired and improve your content strategy.

More than that, you will definitely love the Campaigns feature. Learn more about this awesome thing.

Here's a short video guide where you can see how to get social media content ideas with Socialinsider 📹

In this video, you'll find out how you can get social media content ideas using Socialinsider!

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