Ready to learn how to create more engaging Instagram Stories based on data?

If you want to increase sales or engagement with your Instagram Stories, analyzing their performance is a must.

If you are using Socialinsider Stories Analytics you will know:

  • What type of Stories perform better on Instagram - photos or videos
  • Top hashtags used in Stories as text
  • How many Stories you should post for better engagement

To help you understand your Instagram Stories, we’ve made a little update, and we divided Stories insights into:

In this guide, we explain where you can see Stories per Day in the dashboard, and what data you will get.

Stories per Day insights

Choose the profile from the sidebar, select the period you want to analyze your Stories, then click - Stories per Day from the menu.

Stories per Day

You can sort them by:

  • Date
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Replies
  • Exits
  • Taps forward
  • Taps back

You have the option to sort your Stories

Or you can filter them: photos or videos.

Another important option is that you can select the stories from a specific day, and you’ll see:

Total Stories - the total number of stories in that specific day
Peak reach - the maximum number of account reached
Retention rate - the retention rate
Total replies - the total number of replies
Avg. reach/Story - the avg reach for all the stories in that day
Completion rate/Story - the completion rate per story

See your Story highlights for a specific day

Stats by Story type for one specific day

Stats by Story type for this day - which types of Stories (image or video) perform better.
Type Stories - video or image
Impressions/Story - it shows you the distribution of impressions for a specific story.
Taps forward rate/Story - the percentage of your stories that have a tap forward to see the next photo or video.
Exit rate/Story - the percentage of your impressions that exit your Stories by swiping right, swiping down, or closing Stories
Full view rate/Story
Reach by Story - how the reach progressed by through that story, represented as a chart
Impressions by Story - it shows you the distribution of impressions for a specific story, represented as a chart

We hope you like this update.

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