If there’s anything I’ve been waiting for the most to get some improvements, that would be the Campaigns feature. Well, pardon me, it’s now called Strategy.

Our primary objective as a team, was to ensure that the onboarding process was as smooth and easy as possible for the users. We wanted to create an experience that is both informative and engaging and that helps users understand the power and potential of this feature.

In order to achieve this, we spent a significant amount of time researching and analyzing user needs and preferences.

Our ultimate goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience that empowers users to make the most of this feature.

Why ‘Strategy’ you may ask?

Well, we thought that it needed not only a redesign but a whole new personality. It’s a strategic feature (hence the name), and if you know how to use it, you’ll reach some mountains.

Split your content pillars into campaigns to easily follow your social media performance data.

Why is this feature important?

When you’re looking at your content through this lens, you’ll better understand your performance and gather actionable insights to help you create a better strategy.

✓ tag & report social media campaigns

✓ get competitive social media campaign insights

✓ get top performing campaign content

How to get started?

You can get insightful social media campaign analysis and performance results, just like you did before. But you have two options now:

→ tag the posts yourself

→ add a suggested content campaign (these are based on hashtags that we find in the Instagram and Twitter content)

Improve your social media content performance by getting details about the types of posts.

Step 1: Go to the Strategy section in the dashboard (left sidebar)

Strategy section in Socialinsider

Step 2: Go to Suggested campaigns to see the posts

Suggested campaigns with Socialinsider

Step 3: Add a suggested content campaign

Add a suggested content campaign

The campaign will appear in the list above.

Suggested campaign in the list

Step 4: Click on the campaign to see more details

See the campaign details

Keep in mind that you can go through all of your campaigns with little arrows on top - you can also see the total number of campaigns that you have in the selected project.

Go through your campaigns

Of course, you can also create campaigns manually. Just go to the Manual section - all the posts will appear there.

Step 1: Search for a hashtag/keyword/expression

Manually create campaigns

Step 2: You can tag each post manually or auto tag all of them at once

Autotag campaigns

That's it! Hope you'll love this feature just as much as we do:)