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For a certain period, here are the Youtube metrics you'll get using Socialinsider:

Youtube data

  • Total Videos - the number of the videos published in a time range.
  • Engagement - the total engagement of the videos which is computed as the sum of likes, comments and dislikes.
  • Subscribers growth - we only have the subscribers from the day someone first adds the profile so in this case we give the subscribers for the first date.
  • Subscribers count - this metric shows the number of people who subscribed to the YouTube channel
  • Average engagement - the total engagement of the videos divided by the number of videos.
  • Average engagement rate/video - the average engagement per 100 subscribers.
  • Average engagement rate/channel - the total engagement per 100 subscribers: not calibrated by the number of videos.

Here you will find the most important stats of your channel

  • Channel views - total channel views by day, week or month
  • Distribution of videos - how many videos the channel published every day, week or month.

Channel important stats

Content distribution

  • Top 3 videos - the most engaging videos.

This is how your top 3 videos will be presented in dashboard


  • Distribution of engagement - the variation of the engagement per day, week or month.
  • Distribution of likes - the variation of the likes per day, week or month.
  • Distribution of comments - the variation of the comments per day, week or month.
  • Distribution of video views - the variation of the views per day, week or month.

These are the graphics for your engagement

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