What data we provide for the competitors' Facebook pages

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Facebook pages data we get from Facebook

For a certain period, you'll see:

  1. Page highlights: total number of posts, total engagement, fans growth, avg. engagement, avg. engagement rate / post, avg. engagement rate / page.
  2. Historical posts data - the posts and the engagement reports for a Facebook page.
  3. Fans evolution - this info we get it once / day and Facebook has not made this data available for dates in the past. So from the day you add the page onwards, you will see the fan count progression.
  4. Posts evolution - how many posts per day, week, month or year the page published.
  5. Top 3 the most engaged posts.
  6. Type of posts - photo, video, link or status.
  7. Engagement evolution - the sum of likes, reactions, shares and comments per day, week, month or year.
  8. What type of posts generated higher engagement rates
  9. Avg. engagement by posts type.
  10. Interactions evolution - a breakdown of shares, comments, and reactions per day, week, month or year.
  11. Reactions evolution - the number of wow, haha, sad, angry, love (likes not included) for each day, week, month or year.
  12. Comments evolution
  13. Likes evolution
  14. When people are active on Facebook
  15. Boosted content - what posts were boosted.
  16. Total posts  which can be sorted by:
  • best posts
  • weakest posts
  • newer
  • most shared
  • comments count
  • likes
  • wow
  • haha
  • sad
  • angry

Or filter by:

  • Boosted
  • Status
  • Photos
  • Link
  • Videos