Setting up the Google Data Studio Integration


Setting up the Google Data Studio Integration is simple. You first have to get the Key from your account settings if you have that feature enabled for your plan.

With that key in mind, you can go to the Google Data Studio dashboard and either create a new report or use one that you already have.

After that if the "Add data to report" popover doesn't open you can click the Add Data button at the top.

After that, search for the Socialinsider community connector and click it in the list.

After clicking it you will be taken to the first step in setting up the connector, providing the key you've previously obtained from the Socialinsider dashboard.

Socialinsider connector key input

After adding the key, click Submit. If the key is correct it will take you to the configuration steps of Socialinsider.

The following configuration options will appear:

Configuration options

The configuration options available are:

  • Metrics Type - You have to choose what type of data you need to connect with your Google Data Studio dashboard. You have three options:
    • Posts - A list of posts
    • Profiles times based metrics - date based metrics of profiles
    • Benchmarks - Profiles aggregated metrics - aggregated statistics for profiles
  • Platform - You have to choose the platform for which you want to see the data for. This is required as different platforms provide different metrics. The options are:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • Project - You have to choose the project for which you want to see the data for. Projects presented in the dropdown mirror the projects you have setup in the Socialinsider dashboard.

After completing this configuration you can click Next and depending on the Metric Type you selected there can be an extra configuration screen where you will have to select the profiles you want Socialinsider to provide data for and potentially, the date interval you need the data to be aggregated on(day, week, month, year).

To finish the look for an Add or Connect button and click it. You will be taken to your Google Data Studio dashboard where a table will be inserted with data from the Socialinsider connector.

If you encounter any errors during the setup feel free to use the live chat feature present on our website.