Setting up the Google Data Studio integration is simple.

You first have to get the Key from your account settings if you have that feature enabled for your plan. Google Data Studio integration is available only for the Agency Plan. Once you have an subscription, click on the email address within the app, then go to Settings, click on Integrations and you'll get the Key.

How to connect your Socialinsider data to a GDS dashboard

Google Data Studio

  • Step 3: Configure your report settings.
  • Step 4: Search Socialinsider and connect to Socialinsider data

How to connect Socialinsider data to Google Data Studio

  • Step 5: Click authorise to connect to data.
  • Step 6: After clicking it you will be taken to the first step in setting up the connector, providing the key you've previously obtained from the Socialinsider dashboard. Add your Key and click Submit.

If the key is correct it will take you to the configuration steps of Socialinsider.

The following configuration options will appear and you need to select:

  • what metrics type you'd like to add
  • from what platform
  • the project needed
Configuration options

This step gives you the option to add the social media data to Google Data Studio.

What social metrics you can bring to Google Data Studio

Using Socialinsider, you can add these metrics to Google Data Studio:

  • Post level metrics
  • Profile times based metrics
  • Benchmarks metrics.

Post level metrics means that you can drag&drop in GDS a list of posts, and for each post you can view: reach, impressions, total engagement, average engagement rate per posts, video views (if the case), and much more.

Profile times based metrics means that you can drag&drop in GDS metrics such as: engagement, reach, impressions, paid vs. organic metrics, comments, likes, reactions, saves, and much more.

Benchmarks metrics means that you can bring in GDS aggregated metrics for profiles.

Social media metrics you can add to GDS

These social media metrics are available for these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What social media platforms you can add in Google Data Studio

You have to choose the platform for which you want to see the data for. This is required as different platforms provide different metrics.

The social media platforms available are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

How to add multiple data sources in one single Google Data Studio dashboard

Let's say you want to create a dashboard with data from Facebook and Instagram for the profiles you manage and for the competitive ones.

You have to search Socialinsider through the connectors lists and select:

  • what metrics
  • what platform
  • the page or profile needed.

Once you add the Facebook pages and the Instagram profiles needed, you get on the right side in your GDS dashboard a list with your data sources - in your case Facebook and Instagram.

It is important to mention here that the data source names are the same regardless of the source you selected.

Here's how to fix that:

  • Click on Edit.

How to edit your data sources in Google Data Studio

Edit your data source name as follows:

How to rename your data source in Google Data Studio

Repeat this process for every data source you added from Socialinsider.

Now you have multiple resources in your Google Data Studio dashboard. Just switch between them and the social media metrics you need.

If you encounter any errors during the setup feel free to use the live chat feature present on our website.

You can check my GDS dashboard I've created right here.

Alternatively, you can watch this training webinar where I explained how to integrate the Socialinsider data with GDS and what metrics you get.

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