How can I add a Youtube channel

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Here we explain how to add a (new) Youtube channel:

  1. Click on the 'Add Social Profile' button - in the top middle navbar corner.
  2. Select Youtube
Youtube analytics 

3. Add a Youtube channel and click verify

4. Once the Youtube channel is valid, you can add it to an existent project or create a new one.

5. Choose the history scan length for the channel.

How to add a Youtube channel 

Done. Now you access the Youtube analytics for every channel.

Here what data we provide for every Youtube channel:

  1. Total videos
  2. Total engagement
  3. Subscribers growth vs. the previous period
  4. Average engagement
  5. Average engagement rate / video
  6. Average engagement rate/channel
  7. Channel views per day
  8. How many videos the channel published every day
  9. Distribution of likes
  10. Distribution of comments
  11. Distribution of engagement
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