Access all your Twitter mentions in one dashboard.

Here you can find all your Twitter mentions

Socialinsider gives you a list of people who mentioned your account. This insight helps you find out who are the people who share your content or discuss a particular topic. You can also use this data to determine if a particular person might be a valuable addition to your influencer program.

Top mentions

You can sort your Twitter mentions by:

  • Most followed
  • Best posts
  • Weakest posts
  • Newer
  • Most retweeted
  • Most liked

You can filter them by:

  • All
  • Replies
  • No replies

Sort and filter your Twitter mentions

Additionally, you can search and tag your posts, just like in Posts Newsfeed.  This gives you the ability to easily measure the impact of hashtag campaigns directly in Socialinsider.

Twitter mentions are available for any Twitter account you'd like to analyze.

Wondering what Twitter metrics you get by using Socialinsider? Here's a helpful guide!